Gardens by Night

This is part two of a series of 5 posts reviewing the Gardens By the Bay attractions.

Gardens by the Bay at night is very different than daytime. With the blazing Singapore sun down, the garden literally transforms into a spectacular midsummer-night’s dream. The atmospheric lighting is very well designed, and the lights from the neighboring developments along the Marina Bay also adds to the spectacle.

Let’s start with the conservatories.

Cloud Forest is spectacular at night. The atmospheric lighting helps buildup the sense of mystique and adventure to the entire conservatory. The mountain structure in the middle sparkles like a huge gem, while the aerial walkways are illuminated with beautiful LED light strips. The waterfall at the entrance is also illuminated.


The entrance waterfall.


Aerial walkways and the center mountain. 

The Flower dome is equally breathtaking. While the Cloud Forest may represent the wild and the untamed, the Flower Dome represents the manicured, the cultivated, and the delicate. The lighting for the Flower Dome is dim, and creates a tranquil ambience. The flower field in the center is accentuated with spot lights. The lights from Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer can also be seen from inside the conservatories.




The Supertrees are another attraction that is breath-taking at night. Nightly, there will be a lights and sound show, the Garden Rhapsody. Thousands of lights on the Supertrees shine in synchronization to a beautiful soundtrack, and this spectacle can be viewed from both upclose (to appreciate the scale) or from far (to take everything in).


The rest of the Gardens is equally stunning, and I must say that the lighting team has done a good job in creating a memorable night-time experience.


I would definitely recommend you to visit the gardens at dusk, to catch the dual faces of the garden. The garden is spectacular by day, and pretty by night. Furthermore, you need not worry about the blazing midday Singapore sun when you visit at night.

Gardens by the Bay Series

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