Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome

This is part two of a series of 5 posts reviewing the Gardens By the Bay attractions. 

Flower Dome is by far the most beautiful attraction in the entire Gardens By the Bay complex. It is a 1.2 hectares indoor conservatory that is meant to mimic the environment of the temperate climate. This is separately ticketed attraction, and the rates are at $28 dollars per adult for both conservatories. More ticketing information here.

Experience Rundown

The first thing you will notice as you walk into this amazing attraction is the difference in temperature and humidity. You will be hit with a wall of cool, dry air the moment you step past the entrance turnstiles. After you’ve managed to adjust to the comfortable break from the hot Singapore tropical weather, you will be greeted the amazing sights of the vast greenhouse. The building itself is nothing short of breathtaking, with its grid like structure, and multi-level display.


In this massive greenhouse, you will be treated to the flower and fauna of the various temperate environments around the world. The space is divided into many themed lands, including Madagascar, South Africa, South America, Mediterranean, Australia and California. The first themed zone you will encounter is the Madagascar zone. Located in this zone are numerous Baobab trees, and other exotic vegetations from this part of Africa. The Baobabs are strangely shaped trees that resembles a man, with a wide middle stem, and a tapering top. These trees are imported from Africa, and are carefully cultivated in this greenhouse controlled environment.


The Baobabs.

Next, you will find yourself in a series of themed gardens, showcasing various plants from around the world, such as the Outback, South America, California, Mediterranean. These gardens are beautifully cultivated, complete with lots of information about the plants on display, making it an educational and entertaining experience. You can choose to learn as much, or as little as you want. Information is not shoved down your throat, and it is perfectly fine to just take a slow stroll and appreciate the beautiful plants.


The Mediterranean palms.

Finally, you will enter the Flower Field, the centerpiece of the entire conservatory. This space is located in the geographical center of the conservatory, and the rest of the exhibits are spaced around it.The Flower Field is an ever changing exhibition space, and the plants on display are routinely rotated so that they are at their prime. You will not see the same display on the Flower Field twice.


 Christmas comes early in the flower fields.

The experience ends with a small gallery detailing the various bio-symbiotic processes of nature, shown through multimedia pepper’s ghost displays. There is also an interactive game in the gallery that involves visitors cutting down trees and uprooting flower fields (don’t ask me why, but it’s somehow supposed to teach people to love the environment).

Anyway, the Flower Dome is definitely an experience not to be missed. It is beautiful, well designed and well maintained. The flowers and fauna on display are exotic, and unseen in a tropical country like Singapore. Furthermore, the building itself is spectacular and awe-inspiring (hence justifying its title as “World Building of the Year 2012”). However, the Flower Dome, as compared to the Cloud Forest, is slightly lackluster. The Cloud Forest has a certain sense of mystique and adventure, while the Flower Dome is highly manicured and well-kept. The Cloud Forest is an experience in and of itself, while the Flower Dome is just like a walk in the park. From the spectacular waterfall, to the awe-inspiring aerial walkways, the Cloud Forest is definitely the better of the two conservatories. That said, the Flower Dome is still worth a visit (or two).

Gardens by the Bay Series

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