Yilun Audio Tours 1st year

Yilun Tours was launched last year in the midst of the holiday season. Our first episode was a audio walkthrough of the Singapore River area. As the year progressed, I accompanied you on more tours of different places of interest in Singapore, including less well-known places like the Abdul Gafoor Mosque and Fort Canning. We’ve grown in this past year, and it is you, the listener, that has spurred me on.

Our viewership and download rate has been steadily increasing throughout the year, with the top episode raking in  download rates of three digit figures. When I started the show, I never imagined that there will be over 100 people interested in listening to me ramble on about Laksa, or the history of Singapore. To me, it has always been, and will always be about sharing my interest with the world. Having over 20 regular subscribers to my RSS feed is just a bonus for me.

So as we move on to the second year of Yilun Tours, I hope that the show will continue to grow and expand, and I will work my best to bring you the best content about traveling in Singapore.

So for this whole week, I will be digging up the archives and presenting to you the most popular shows of the past year. I will begin with number 7 in this post.


Episode 11: Singapore Food

Episode 11 was technically an episode that was never meant to exist. Season 1 for the podcast had ended a week prior to that, and I was determined to take a break from producing the podcast. However, recording and producing the podcast was so much fun for me that I wanted to just to a little more than 10 episodes. So that idea of the 11th episode, the bonus episode, was born. After spending 2 late nights recoding and producing the episode, I released the episode on 1 May 2012.

On that episode, I discussed the various cuisines of Singapore, and recommended some of the best places to get the authentic Singaporean fare. Items featured on the show included Chicken Rice, Roti Prata etc. Be sure to listen to this episode if want to know more about Singaporean food!

Direct MP3 Link here


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