Sentosa: Then and Now

After the last post where I reminisced about the Sentosa of 10 years back, I will be posting a series of comparison photos below that shows the Sentosa of the past, and the Sentosa of the present.

So let’s being with Sentosa’s logo. You might have seen from the previos post that Sentosa once had an 80s looking logo, with bring tropical colors, and a highly stylized font. It really captured the essence of Sentosa back then – the sun, the sea, and the beach. This logo was introduced in 1982, and was in use until the 2005.


In 2005, a brand new, 21st century looking logo was introduced, this time spotting a much simpler design with bold sans-serif capital letters.


Now, let’s take a look at the causeway into Sentosa island. The photo below was taken in 2005.


Now, notice the current Sentosa causeway entrance. The distinctive entrance tower is still standing, but in place of the greenery is a mammoth rock structure that has the Resorts World Sentosa sign mounted onto it.

The Sentosa causeway used to be 4 lanes wide.


But now, another parallel bridge is built, and the causeway is now 8 lanes wide.


Now, the Northern side of the island witnessed the most change in the past decade. Just five years ago, Sentosa looked like this when viewed from Harborfront:


The Ferry Terminal used to stand proudly on the bayfront overlooking Singapore island. The Ferry Terminal had a distinct red roof and white walls, and was very much a icon of Sentosa all the way until its demolition in end 2006.


The bayfront area now spots the Resorts World Sentosa, with the crane dance viewing platform taking the place of the Ferry Terminal. One used to have a clear view of the Merlion behind all the greenery, but now, one has to peer through the gap between Hotel Michael and Crockfords Tower to see the Merlion.

The iconic dragon court stood at a prominent spot on Imbiah Outlook from 1991 to 2004. This was the spot between the Images of Singapore building and the Cable Car building.

In 2004, the Dragon Court was demolished to make way for the brand-new Carlsberg sky tower. In 2008, Carlsberg dropped sponsorship of the tower, and it became know as Tiger Sky Tower when Tiger Beer took up sponsorship.

The former Musical Fountain that stood at the heart of Sentosa from 1984 to 2005.


On the spot now stand the Lake of Dreams, a small lagoon that hosts a nightly light and laser show.


One of the forgotten areas of Sentosa island was the Asian Village, a short lived attraction that was open from 1993 to 2000. The attraction was abandoned after that, and sat on the plot of land till 2006 when it was cleared for Resorts World Sentosa.


The area now is the Marine Life Park, a brand new attraction boasting the world’s largest oceanarium. You can see that these two photos were taken at the exact same spot on the cable car, with the cable car station in the background.


Look out for more posts in the future.


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