Gardens by the Bay: Cloud Forest

This is part one of a series of 5 posts reviewing the Gardens By the Bay attractions. 

Cloud Forest is by far the best attraction in the entire Gardens By the Bay complex. It is a 0.8 hectares indoor conservatory that is meant to mimic the environment of a forest in high altitudes. This is separately ticketed attraction, and the rates are at $28 dollars per adult for both conservatories. More ticketing information here.

Experience Rundown

The first thing you will notice as you walk into this amazing attraction is the difference in temperature and humidity. You will be hit with a wall of cool, moist air the moment you step past the entrance turnstiles. After you’ve managed to adjust to the comfortable break from the hot Singapore tropical weather, you will be greeted by the roaring sound of a gigantic waterfall. Located at the entrance of the conservatory is a five-story tall waterfall. This sight is nothing short of breathtaking.


Following this spectacular entrance is a walk around the “Cloud Mountain”, which is a five story tall structure clad in green vegetation. The entire Cloud Forest experience actually winds around the Cloud Mountain, and visitors ascend and descend the Mountain in a single visit route. This Cloud Mountain is covered in ferns, flowering plants etc, and it feels as though you have been transported to the middle of a tropical mountain forest. Be prepared to be amazed.

Next, you will ascend the Cloud Mountain in an elevator, and you will soon find yourself on the top of the “Cloud Mountain” structure. This area is called the Lost World, and it is a charming litter corner where many rare and unusually unseen plants are displayed. There is a huge variety of carnivorous plants on display here.

Makes me wonder how they feed these plants…

 Lost World – a charming secluded corner on the top of the world

Following that, you will descend on story and proceed to the Cloud Walkways. These walkways are aerial passageways that wind around the main “Cloud Mountain” structure. On these walkways, you will be able to have a close up look at much of the unique vegetation in this Cloud Forest Biome. You will also be able to look outside of the conservatory and have a great view of the Singapore cityscape.

Cloud Walkway

You will then enter the 5 degrees more exhibition, a informative (read: uninteresting) exhibition on the effects of climate change. Although it is a charming idea to include a healthy dose of environmentalist propaganda in this experience, the exhibition is poorly executed. The entire exhibition is overly dark, and the exhibitions are too content heavy. This exhibition will fit better in a science museum that a park targeted at the tourist and family audience. However, there are some cool projection effects in this exhibition, so do take some time to check it out.

So, after you breeze through the environmentalist exhibition, you will exit into the “Secret Garden” zone. This is a zone located right at the bottom of the entire “Cloud Mountain” structure. There are neat little waterfalls and a small stream running through the entire zone. It is definitely a fitting conclusion to your visit to the Cloud Forest.


Gardens by the Bay Series

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