Wonder Full at Marina Bay Sands

Despite the clichéd sounding name, Wonder Full is actually a charming little nighttime show put up by Marina Bay Sands. Located at the waterfront promenade of the Marina Bay Sands complex, Wonder Full is a nightly 15 minutes outdoor fountain and laser show.

Notwithstanding the incoherent storyline, this show still packs in a lot of visual punch. The main draw for the show would have to be the Marina Bay Sands building itself. At various segments of the show, strong searchlights lit up from the building and create a spectacular sight. The lasers and searchlights used are powerful enough to reach the clouds, and can be seen from many kilometers away.

This would also mean that the best vantage point for the show is not necessarily at the viewing promenade in front of MBS. In fact, to fully appreciate and enjoy the scale of the light and laser display, you should plant yourself on the rooftop of Esplanade and view the show from across the Bay.

That being said, the fountain part of the show, which is visible from the viewing deck in front of MBS, is also not to be missed. There are three projection water screens, and various images and laser animations are projected onto it. The soundtrack is memorable, though the visuals are not. There are also physical effects, such as soap bubbles and mist, to enhance the experience.

My recommendation to you would be to view the show twice, once from across the bay, and once at the viewing deck. When at the viewing deck, be sure to avoid the front seats unless you want to get drenched by the end of the show.


The show runs daily at 8 and 9.30.


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