Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa

Crane dance is a spectacular outdoor show located at Resorts World Sentosa.

The show tells the story of two mechanical cranes falling in love, and their transformation into real, living cranes. Set in the channel between Sentosa and Singapore Island, Crane Dance is a mega-spectacular on an unprecedented scale. The show was reputedly inspired by the numerous mechanical cranes located at the port of Singapore just next to Sentosa. You can see them when you are making your way into and out of Sentosa Island.

The highlight of Crane Dance is definitely dueling mechanical cranes that tower over the audience. Describing the scale of the cranes in words is not doing the show justice. You will have to see the cranes for yourself to truly appreciate the sheer scale of the two cranes.

What’s more, there’s actually a compelling storyline that underscores the entire production. It is a love story of the two mechanical cranes discovering their love for each other. They go through a graceful courtship routine, and eventually transforms into a pair of living cranes. This is achieved through the two giant LED screens mounted on the cranes, displaying crystal clear images that drive the story forward.

Sea water is also pumped from the cranes to create water “wings”, and according to the official website, “36720 litres of sea water is used top create these wings, and the same amount of fresh water is enough to sustain a person for 50 years.”  The show is capped with a spectacular fireworks display.

My recommendation would be for you to arrive early and find a good seat at the viewing platform along the waterfront section of Resorts World Sentosa. Do not seat too far front unless you want to be drenched by sea water (not a pleasant experience). Remember to bring you camera too for some spectacular photo opportunities.

Show runs at 9pm nightly.


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