S2 Episode 4: Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Abdul Gafoor Mosque is an unique monument in the heart of Singapore. It is a hub of activity of the Muslim community in Singapore, and is a treasure trove of Muslim culture and Islamic religion. Today, I will bring you through this amazing monument, point out to you the various eclectic architectural elements, and introduce to you the basic tenets of the Islamic faith.

Highlights from this tour:

Introduction – Abdul Gafoor history – Front Facade – Prayer hall – Surrounding buildings – End of tour

Allow for 30 minutes to fully enjoy this tour.

Sightseeing details:

Abdul Gafoor Mosque is located at 41 Dunlop Street, and can be accessed from a short walk from Little India MRT station. It is open7 days a week. As it is a religious monument, all visitors are encouraged to dress modestly, without overly reveling clothing. Remember to observe silence while in the prayer hall.

See map below:

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